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Greyshoes presents a special selection of sculptures available for this year's Santa Fe Indian Market, shares stories about his background, and gives a virtual tour of his Albuquerque studio.

Greyshoes Donates Sculpture to Cancer Foundation

Published December 1, 2018

Produced by

Greyshoes donating a $4600 bronze sculpture to the Cancer Foundation For New Mexico's 14th Annual Sweetheart Auction—one of Santa Fe's largest charity fundraiser events. For more information, please visit

Upton Ethelbah Jr. - Stone and Bronze Carver

Published January 7, 2013

Produced by Kyle Carr for Southwestern Enchanted Artist Television

In this video, Greyshoes talks about his background, where he finds inspiration for his sculptures, and shares his artistic process.

Upton Ethelbah (Greyshoes) at the Southwest Indian Art Fair

Published November 16, 2014

Produced by the Arizona State Museum

This video is about Upton Ethelbah (Greyshoes), Santa Clara Pueblo/White Mountain Apache sculptor, who talked about his artwork at Arizona State Museum's Southwest Indian Art Fair.

Interview with Native artist Upton Greyshoes Ethelbah

Published Sep 26, 2014

Produced by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

In this interview, Upton talks about his life and work and shows several of the pieces he keeps in his home and studio, as well as a piece being prepared for the Native Treasures show in May 2014.

Upton Ethelbah at Beals & Abbate Gallery

Published July 9, 2011

Upton Ethelbah is a Native American artist that discusses what it is like to be an artist. In this video, he features some of his latest works in bronze.

Bronze Sculptures by Upton Ethelbah on The TALENTree

Published Nov 24, 2010

Produced by the TALENTree

In this fascinating video, Upton explains the ancient meaning and tradition behind his bronze sculptures. Each bronze sculpture represents a different ceremony and spirit of the native Pueblo tribes of New Mexico.

Greyshoes - Santa Fe Indian Market 2007

Published Aug 20, 2008

American Indian Sculptor - Greyshoes - Upton Ethelbah Jr. at the 2007 Santa Fe Indian Market. Featuring Legends Santa Fe Art Gallery.

Greyshoes Native American Sculptor - Documentary

Published June 3, 2012

Produced by Jeremy Wilcox

A fun interview documentary with the Native American stone and bronze sculptor Upton Ethelbah, Jr. (Greyshoes).

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