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2015 Indian Market - A Blue Ribbon Year

Upton Greyshoes Ethelbah's Carrara marble sculpture "Apache Sunrise Ceremony" earned 1st Place in Sculpture at the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market.

Greyshoes' inspiration for this sculpture was the unique "coming of age" ceremony that young Apache girls experience. During this four-day ceremony, five Crown Dancers protect and bless her. On one of the days, she kneels on a blanket and faces the rising sun dressed in her finest buckskin, a shell tied to her hair high on her forehead. Raising her arms with palms facing the warmth of the sun, she bobs rhythmically, praying to Father Sun for his many blessings.

The addition of this award makes a total of seven overall, including four 1st Place ribbons and one Best of Division ribbon since Greyshoes began showing at SWAIA's prestigious event in 1999.

Apache Sunrise Ceremony • Carrara Marble • 48x24x7 • $68,000

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